Dear Attendee,


Please refer to Cost and Discounts at for discount codes or to see if you qualify for one of our discounts.  Discounts are being offered for Groups (includes couples, family), Students, Senior Citizens 50+, Multiple Retreat registrations, and Early Bird registrations.


If you qualify, you will need to use the Discount Code that corresponds to your discount category.  Please see Online Payment Instructions at on how to apply your Discount Code when making your Final Payment.


Online tickets for Final Payments for the Regular Retreat Program will be available on the Online Registration Portal beginning July 1st, 2012

Even if you register alone for the Benefactor Program, the discounts offered in our Special Offers  at are still available to a spouse/companion who may wish to attend the Regular Program along with you.


If a guest will be joining you, your guest will need to purchase a Deposit for Regular Program ticket.  After making the Deposit, your guest will receive an email from us with instructions on how to capture any available discounts.


You and your guest would share a Queen bedroom or have a Shared room based on preference and first come first serve basis.  We will let you know if you have a Queen bedroom. If you do get a Queen bedroom then your spouse can choose the Regular Program (commuter) ticket and apply the Group discount. Also you both could prefer to have separate accommodations.


If you are using the online portal, you and your guest would also need to make your Final Payments separately due to the unique nature of the Benefactors Program.  Your guest would need to purchase one of the Regular Program tickets for making the Final Payment, and when completing the online payment form, your guest would need to use the "Special Requests" section to specify your name.


Your guest will have to arrive at the retreat venue on September 1st 2012. If your guest wishes to arrive early then please let us know so we can find ways to arrange for the extra day stay for your guest.


If you purchased a Deposit for Benefactor Program ticket then please pay the remaining installment payments at your convenience by August 21st 2012.


Thank you.

Hamsa Yoga Sangh NW Retreats Committee

For questions, please contact us by email at or call  (909) 907 9605


Promotions Rules and Restrictions

- To secure an Early Bird Discount, all attendees (including all persons in a group) must make an Initial Deposit by the due date specified in the previous sections AND pay your 2nd Installment by August 21st 2012.

- Early Bird discount codes will be provided to you via email upon receipt of your Initial Deposit.  Use these codes when making 2nd Installment.

- For Group Promotions, all persons in your group must be listed on the same form when making either the 2nd Installment or when using the Single Payment Option.

- Student ID is required for all Student Discounts. You must show your Student ID at the retreat.

- A Benefactor’s spouse/companion who will attend the Regular Retreat Program is eligible for a Group Discounted Rate.

- Discounts cannot be combined and are mutually exclusive.


Payment Policy

- Initial Deposits are Non-Refundable and will be applied as a reduction to your Final Payment.

- Time sensitive “early bird” promotional discounts are permitted ONLY if we receive your Initial Deposit by the Due Date specified in the Registration Package AND we receive your Final Payment by August 21, 2012.

- Promotional discount codes will be provided to you after we receive your Initial Deposit.  If you are eligible for a discount under the rules and guidelines set forth in the Registration Package, you will need to enter the appropriate code when making your Final Payment in order to receive the discount.

- Improper or unauthorized use of any promotional discount codes on any retreat payment will result in an adjustment to your account balance to remove the effect of the improper price reduction.

- You will not be permitted to attend the retreat unless your account balance is paid in full.

- All registrations and payments are subject to the Cancellation Policy contained in the Registration Package for this event.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds will be processed subject to cancellation fees per-person as detailed below:

- For cancellations received by July 15, 2012:

- Benefactors: cancellation fee is $500 (initial deposit)

- Regular: cancellation fee is $150 (initial deposit)

- For cancellations received after July 15, 2012 and no later than August 10, 2012:

- Benefactors: cancellation fee is $1,100 (50% of your total accommodation charge)

- Regular: cancellation fee is equal to 50% of your total accommodation charge.

No Refunds will be provided for cancellations received after August 10, 2012.